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Tips: Keep Your Feet Happy And Healthy

We take care of our hair by applying stuff to make them shiny and thick. We keep our faces updated and glowing because we think it makes our appearance more appealing and noticeable. But do we think about our feet? While giving the best possible treat to other parts of the body?

THINK… You might hurt your feet, they literally carry the whole weight of your body. Don’t you think they deserve to be treated right?

YES THEY DO! I have pen down some tips and tricks to keep your feet alive. It can save you from a lot of conditions that might cause painful feet, there is nothing more devastating than the hurting feet. TRUST ME!

The human foot contains a bunch of 26 bones, which is a quarter of all bones in your body. But between squeezing your feet into high-heeled pumps or wearing sandals that offer little support or shock absorption, it’s not unusual for a woman’s feet to be mistreated. As a result, women often complain about foot pain. But fortunately, there are a lot of ways to correct and prevent common foot problems, only if you don’t ignore them.


Some tips to maintain your feet’s health

Inspect your feet:

Keep a check on your feet, pay attention to changes in color, texture or appearance. Because any inflammation, nerve damage, circulation problem may lead to something bigger like infection.

Maintain good foot hygiene:

keep your foot clean, continue washing and drying between the toes. Use mild soap and always dry your feet with a towel.

Hydrate the skin:

Open shoes can cause rapid loss of moisture from the skin and may result in cracking or the formation of fissures. It is helpful to replace the moisture content by using lotions or creams on a regular basis.

Buy proper-size shoes:

Always choose the best fit size of your shoes. You may not wear the same size made by different manufacturers. Purchase new shoes late in the day, when feet tend to be at their largest. Always buy the shoes that feel the best. Wearing tight shoes can damage your mail and it also hurts the back side of foot. Some people may develop ulcers.

Don’t ignore pain:

Symptoms that increase or do not resolve within a reasonable period of time need to be evaluated by doctor to avoid any discomfort.

Cut toenails properly:

Cutting nails into the corners can cause ingrown toenail. Never do that! Gently file sharp corners or rough edges with an emery board.


Walking is a great way to keep weight under control and is an excellent conditioner for the feet. Be sure to wear appropriate athletic shoes when exercising.

Alternate your shoes each day:

Since the feet have sweat glands, your shoes will absorb moisture from your feet, so it is important to allow your shoes to dry out completely.

Put sunblock on your feet while wearing sandals during the day to avoid sunburn. Source: UCLA Health System

Avoid walking barefoot to help protect your feet from injury and infection.

Get the right insoles.

Insoles in your shoes are a common fix for many foot problems. Proper arch support can alleviate everyday pain. But not all insoles are created equally, and not all feet are the same. It’s always best to see a specialist to get the right insole prescribed for your needs. It is helpful for diabetic people or people with any chronic injury or wound. So it can protect you feet from damage.


For people with heel pain, shin splints or other issues, night splints are simple devices that help give a mild, prolonged stretch to the calf muscles. This stretching of the muscles has many benefits and can help people dealing with plantar fasciitis and tendonitis in addition to the above-mentioned issues. They are especially helpful for people suffering heel pain in the morning



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