Nabila Criticized for Planning to Reopen her Salon

Nabila Criticized

Nabila announced to reopen her salon soon with the proper precautionary measures for the safety of her clients from COVID-19.

She claims that she would ensure that her staff takes all necessary precautions amid the coronavirus pandemic. The staff will take a client’s travel history before setting up an appointment, check their temperature at the door and give them gloves, masks and PPEs when they enter the salon.

She shared the new norm on her salon’s Instagram page and added that they were going to be “a safe space with a superior level of hygiene combined with the best practices and medical level sanitisation to ensure the health well-being of everyone who walks through our doors”.

Nabila Saloon

She said in an interview that, the reason I’ve done this is that the coronavirus is very serious and the only way out is by taking precautions. She further said.“When I was implementing the rules at the saloon, I joked with the team and said that everything should be so safe and sanitized that one can even perform surgery here.”

However, Nabila received adverse response from people because they questioned about using so many masks, gloves and stuff by the salon while as the health workers still do not have a sufficient amount of these things.

Rather than handling the situation carefully, Nabila got way too defensive and gave harsh replies to the people.

Here are some of the comments:

Nabila Comments

Fiaza tweet reply

Later she turned off the comment option in her reopening posts and she has not opened the salon yet. She is still waiting for government’s approval and also said that she consulted doctors and experts before making her decision about the salon, and uploaded those videos for clients to let them know the precautions they will be taking once the salon opens.

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