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Learn how to spend quarantine time in a fun way from Sarwat Gilani’s art classes

Sarwat gilani art work

As they say, the house is where the art is!

It’s a time when you have bored out of your mind doing similar things like watching TV, using social media and playing games. It’s also hard to sit at home doing nothing. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop; especially in this current situation when the entire world is in isolation mode and doing nothing can trigger negative thoughts. 

Instead of wadding through the horrifying coronavirus details, the actress has a series of art classes that will teach you how to create quality time with being productive in a fun way.

Sarwat gilat art gallery

 The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture graduate Sarwat Gilani thought that it’s a far way better to engage kids in fun activities using material at hand. These art and craft-making classes are captivated for all mums and kids alike: it’s the best way to create the bond between mother and kids too. Because, in our normal days, casual routine keeps everyone busy in this fast-paced world and even most of us have the only weekend to sit together or eat out.

The actor and her kids started off making home decors with leftover papers, old items recycling materials, scraps, and CDs. She taught her kids to make cards using paints for much-loved friends.

Sarwat Gilani Art Calsses

She posted the picture on Instagram with the caption,

“The idea is to get the children to try their hands on paintings.

Kids should get comfortable in the messiness of the material.”

She introduced her kids with suncatcher rainbows which she made with butter paper, colorful crepe paper and glue.

She kept her fans posted about her fun engaging art activities while working with her kids on her Instagram account. It encouraged people to follow suit. Gilani took note of their fans’ interest and made her videos available in series for them. They are now learning the ropes from the comfort of home with easy-breezy tips and techniques.

Sarwat gilani Working on art with children

Sarwat guides to the hilt so viewers could get into their stride and produce something beautiful using material from their house. She solves mummies’ queries so that they can assist their kids in a better way. She informs her followers about class timings and the items that they will be using in the lessons to come. While making a video, she keeps the special children in mind too. Because they are the most neglected part of our society and deserve our attention big time.  

Sarwat is doing their bit to lessen the effects of quarantine in this constructive way. It’s an incredible way that attracts the kids and persons of every age in the world where each activity centers on social media and video games. Watch her videos with your kids and try your hand to make a masterpiece like no other.

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