How to run a successful blog and make money in 2020


Welcome to a guide that tells you how you can make a blog successful by doing things the right way and also make money off it.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can make a successful blog. We will guide you on how you can make your blog more eye-catching and magnetic for the reader and increase your viewership by folds. We will also discuss how you can effectively earn money and what methods are being used in recent years. We hope that this article will help you find what you were looking for.

What is Blogging?

To make it as simple as possible, a blog is a website that is updated on a regular basis with new content. The blog is managed either by an individual or a small group. 

Let’s get Started

How to get into it?

Due to huge technological advancements in the online platform, nowadays it’s not even that hard to start up your own blog. With the proper tools and a little bit of time and creativity, you’ll be done in no time. 

Step 1 (The magnetic name)

You’ll have to pick a name for your blog. Don’t pick something that everyone else is using. Pick something original, something that represents your taste and one that people would find attractive. For example, if your blog is about Bees, Honeylicious (Delicious) or Beedom (Domain) might work. 

Step 2 (Hosting)

This is where the whole technology part comes in. You’ll have to pick a hosting platform you will use for blogging. There are several websites that offers free blogging site. Most of the bloggers prefer and using wordpress because it is a free publishing website and also it is very reliable to use. Many people are using this since 2003 and now this website has produced some great influencers and bloggers. 

What should be your blog’s niche?

Niche should fall in one of the following categories if you want to make money from your blog:

  • It should solve a problem
  • Blog about a premium luxurious product i.e traveling

Now for your niche blog to be successful without eating up your soul; it needs to fall under one or more of these questions.

  • What comes naturally to you?
  • What do you like talking/reading about?
  • What do people come to you for advice?
  • What are you qualified in?
  • What are you MOST interested in learning and mastering now.

Content is KING! 

If you’re serious about succeeding with your blog, you need to build useful anchor content. It needs to be engaging, keyword centric, insightful, unique and well written. Don’t write your content for search engines. Rather, write your content for humans while also paying homage to search engines and what they want. Simply put, it’s a skill that develops over time with practice. It’s also important to regularly publish your content on a weekly basis.

Get Social

Building a blog isn’t easy by any measure. To help you along the road towards success, you have to get social. Not only by linking up with other like-minded bloggers interested in online marketing, but also by sharing and engaging with others on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Write Down Your Blog’s Goals.

Everyone knows the famous quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

This is true when starting a new blog. 

After choosing your niche, you need a way to keep track of everything — not just your to-dos and content ideas, but also your goals, ideas, and motivations.

The key during this stage is not to overcomplicate things.

Your Blog’s Goals.

It’s time to think big and write down what you want to accomplish with your blog in the short and long term. These should be SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

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