Here’s true story behind ‘Coffin Dance Crew’ we see in Memes

In different parts of the world, there are different traditions that people follow to depart the soul of their loved ones from world. While in most places people mourn and cry, there are some regions where funerals are completely different(like Coffin Dance Crew).  

Ghana is a city in Africa, where funerals are considered to be very important social occasions. They believe in sending their loved ones to their resting place with joy. And the meme video that is going viral all over the internet is from Ghana, they are Ghana’s dancing pallbearers.

These dancing folks who carry the casket at a funeral are always dressed in uniformity. They wear gloves, polished shoes, and black suits.

A lady travelled from America to Ghana, Africa to attend her mother in law’s funeral. That’s where she made this video which is going viral these days on every social media platform.

The boys you can see in the video called Pallbearers in Ghana, they are usually group of 4-6 persons and perform at people’s funeral. It is even their source of income.

The leader of Pallbearers is Benjamin Aidoo, who started the service in 2010. People hire them to make their loved ones funeral memorable. Almost 100 people work under Benjamin and dance in the funerals. They even have academies to practice different dance steps. 

Their demand is high in Benjamin, and they charge $400 for a session, which is almost 60,000 pkr. The lady who came from America made the pallbearers viral and now not only Ghana but the whole world knows the famous coffin boys!

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