Doctors’ dance videos didn’t sit well with Ushna Shah but it does not make sense for us

Ushna Shah

In this trial and tribulation, when COVID-19 has taken over the world, and every new day comes with increased death rate and infected numbers; unity, affection, and spirit of help are being observed globally. In different ways, people are trying to relax the ill-at-ease public. In trying times, doctors and other paramedical staff deserve the utmost respect as they are serving around the clock. Due to the fragile economy and lockdown, well-heel personalities, celebrities, renowned brands, foundations, and governments are distributing money, ration bags, protective gear to subdue the effects caused by a coronavirus.

Speaking of doctors, a few days before their dancing videos made waves on social media. In which, we can see them dancing with a smiley face, and the videos made netizens to drooling over them ever than before. But it did not get approved by our most-loved actress Ushna Shah and she took to twitter to express her conflicted mind and asked peoples to unroll their mind vis-à-vis to the videos. But the tweet now has been taken off her Twitter account.

She said,

I’m curious to know peoples’ thoughts on doctors/nurses creating choreographed dances in hospitals. I’m conflicted; on one hand, I understand they need uplifting breaks, but on the other, these dances seem quite time-consuming, PRECIOUS time-consuming. Thoughts?

The tweet made clear that Ushna is not happy with the dance videos because doctors can’t afford to take their eyes off the ball for one minute in trying time. She thinks video making is time-consuming and distracting them from their noble duty.

Her weird thoughts on the matter in hand make us sick to our stomachs. Because working at a stretch is not possible for everyone and working day and night is not a walk in the park.

Kudos to all doctors and other paramedical staff.

They are diligently serving amid coronavirus. Being at the frontline they are vulnerable most to the disease. Few doctors and nurses have died due to contracting the disease during the treatment of infected patients. Let alone the rest, they are working without enough protective gear. They are out for working when hospitals are running out of ventilators and other equipment. They are treating patients in random buildings that currently serve as makeshift hospitals. Apparently, they are taking the situation in their stride spending several sleepless nights.

To cut a long story short, they are putting their lives on the line to save others. Under the complicated situation take ten in 24 hours does not matter. And in a daily ten minutes break, they can make a dance video ready because it’s not a mehndi dance video.

It’s time when everyone is paying tribute to these frontlines and for them, Eiffel tower was brightened up with “merci” means “thank you”.  It does not make a sense to criticize them for short videos because they need uplifting breaks and they are not robots too.

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