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Anoushey Ashraf shares her skincare routine

Anoushey Ashraf

Pakistani VJ and actress Anoushey Ashraf recently open up her skincare routine.

She made an Instagram post where she revealed her beauty secrets, she says that, she gets a lot of questions about her skincare regimen.

Anoushey said she sleeps a lot, uses sunblock and is mostly staying indoors these days with no makeup which has given her skin a chance to recuperate.

She added that, “Your compliments have encouraged me to share some #zeromakeup #zerofilter selfies. The lighting in these pictures definitely help. May have gotten hydra facial maxxxxx 2-3 times in my life.” 

“I’m just grateful because I literally do nothing to keep my skin alive and kicking. At my age, it’s imperative. I’m just lazy and lucky. No lies. I occasionally pop an ‘Alpha lipoic Acid’ supplement to cleanse my liver and good skin could be a potential side effect,” she added in her post.

Anoushy Ashraf

Anushey further said, she is probably lucky due to her genes and haven’t vacationed by the beach in a while, maybe that helps her skin.

She advised fans who want to achieve a flawless skin to sleep well, have tons of water and use sunblock that suits their skin type regularly.

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